Have you Updated your Website for the New Year?

The year has begun! Has your website caught up with that yet?

Out of date or incomplete information on your church website can weaken people's trust in the website... or even in your ministry! So it's worth taking time to check:

  • Are staff and leaders who have finished up/started been updated on the website (remember to get good quality photos, not just stealing things off Facebook!)
  • Are last year's small groups removed and new ones added?
  • Have you added all the major events and preachin... View more

High Quality images to use for Sermon Series, Website Banners and other purposes

Unsplash images

As a team helping small churches without the funds to do high quality photography, we're always on the lookout for high quality images that churches can use for their sermon series backgrounds or camp brochures or website backgrounds.

Sources like Flickr often are hard to search through and just using Google Image Search can often lead to you unwittingly breaking copyright law as these are not considered fair use exemptions.

Unsplash is a great resource for visual i... View more

Exporting Running Sheets from Elvanto to Excel


At a recent IT training night talking about Elvanto, a question arose about being able to export running sheets to Excel.

The basic problem is that Elvanto's running sheet format is quite rigid, and it's difficult to do things like put the Bible reading next to the person doing the Bible reading.

While there isn't an officially supported way to do this, there is a way to export a running sheet in Elvanto and then modify it in Excel.

In order to achieve this, print the running sheet, and in t... View more

Event Registration now live for Challenge Conference

sample image

Over the last few months, we've been developing a registration process for the Challenge Conference that we're now able to roll out across all the different events that Vision 100 run.

This registration process allows people to register for events, pay through PayPal, receive confirmation emails when payment has been received, and also allows you track payments made, supplying direct deposit references for you to cross reference, and even allowing for automatic emails to registrants when their... View more

Wireless Microphone Upgrade Reminder

In case you hadn't already noticed, it's possible that the wireless microphones you or your church are using are actually illegal, and have been from January 1st. If you want more information about this, then you can find it here:


It's important to note that you may not need to throw out your equipment, but legally, you should change the frequency for your de... View more