Website Editing

Simple guides to enable you to better edit your website


The following are guides that will enable you to get familiar with and use the available tools in order to better manage and edit your website

Adding Images to Drupal Pages

  1. Open the editor for the View that you wish to add the image to
  2. Select where you want to place the image with the cursor in the editor
  3. Select the "Media browser" button from the toolbar
  4. Enter the image that you wish to add either by:
  • Uploading a new image
  • Entering the image URL in the “Web” tab, or
  • Selecting an image that already exists on the website from the “Library” or “My Files” tabs
  1. Finally, click submit in the Media browser to add the image to the editor and then save the changes

Resizing Images in the Drupal Editor

After following the above steps to add an image to your Drupal page, you can resize the image by:

  1. Selecting the image in the editor
  2. Clicking the “Insert/edit image” button in the toolbar
  3. Make sure that "Constrain proportions" checkbox is ticked, and then
  4. Change the value of the first Dimensions text field to the desired width (in pixels) and click OK

Images can also be resized dynamically within the editor’s text field by:

  1. Selecting the image in the editor, and then
  2. Clicking and dragging one of the 4 squares in the corners of the image until it becomes the desired size.