Events Registration Module

Wouldn’t it be great if the administration for your church event wasn’t such heavy lifting?

Typically, a church event will require a registration form, a payment system (either manual or online), and a lot of excel spreadsheets. You need to consider how an individual will register compared to a family or a couple, and furthermore, once you’ve worked all this out - then comes the challenge of getting people to actually register!

There are a number of event registration systems available, but they come with a number of drawbacks. You might have experienced one or more of these:

  • The form can’t be branded with your church/ministry branding.
  • Payments are taken separately
  • The form is not on your website, but at an obscure web address, making it an untrustworthy especially to older members of your congregation.
  • You’re tied into a subscription service, your registration details are only available online, and the format of your registration spreadsheet is not adjustable.
  • Your church members can’t sign up on the spot because the form is not mobile friendly.
  • It’s difficult to accommodate flexible registration types (e.g. people registering at cost price, or those needing financial assistance to attend the event)

Vision 100 IT has developed an event registration system that can be rolled out to your website that addresses these concerns, allowing you to get as many of your ministry members registered through the online system as quickly as possible. Your greatest concern will just be how best to advertise!

You can see an example of this registration form here.

If you’re interested in having an Events registration module added to your website, let us know through the feature request form. If you currently don’t have a NFD hosted website, but are interested in implementing a similar system on your own page, we’d be happy to let you know what you need to consider in order to set it up for yourself.