Sparkleshare Document Management

Sparkleshare is a document management system, similar to other cloud based storage solutions like Dropbox and Google drive. There are a number of distinctives about Sparkleshare that set it apart from these other solutions, and which are why we have included it in our Vision 100 IT package.


Sparkleshare is an open-source software package, meaning that the core functionality of the application carries no cost. Although there are free tiers on other cloud based storage solutions, Sparkleshare is hosted and maintained by New Front Door on our servers - which puts you the user in greater control of your storage and brings a number of benefits:

1. Space

The first is space. With commercial solutions, eventually you’ll need more space, and more space carries a cost. With Sparkleshare, the limit of storage is the limit of space that New Front Door has on it’s servers

  • which are expandable as space is needed. The short of it is that extra space requirements don’t cost you anything.

2. Control and permissions

Dropbox and other free systems are designed for individual use. That is, you receive your folder within which you can make changes, add extra folders as you see fit, but ultimately you’re restricted to your one block of space on the internet. If using it for a ministry, your space is ultimately ‘owned’ and controlled by the person who set it up. Sparkleshare functions a little more like a shared drive, where the space is owned by your Church.

Furthermore, because Sparkleshare is like a shared drive - permissions for project level access can be defined, added and removed with much more control than free commercial products, and these features won’t be tied to corporate tiers which would be overkill both in storage space and cost for your church.

3. Local and shared

Sparkleshare comes with a small application that will keep the files up to date on your personal computer. This is the primary way that users will interact with files. When a change is made on one computer, the other members who have access to that project will automatically receive the changes.

4. Security

Sparkleshare is not account based, but instead is set up with a key that is unique to your computer. This is an added level of security for a church that often will be required to store sensitive information about church members.

If you’re interested in having Sparkleshare set up for your ministry, please contact us though the Feature request form.