About New Front Door

Mission + Vision

New Front Door exists to help churches - particularly church IT volunteers and ministry staff - to use IT better.


New Front Door are a (newly!) national team of passionate IT and web development engineers, ministry leaders and management professionals who voluntarily build and maintain IT systems, training and educating our clients on the foundation of years of collective knowledge gleaned from within the IT industry.

New Front Door, previously Vision 100 IT, has now existed for over a decade, and has gradually built up a knowledge base of best practices and approaches for doing church IT sustainably. We are all about getting and keeping our clients on the web, in order to more effectively reach the lost and minister to the people in their congregations.

New Front Door Board

Christian de Kievit - Board & Team Member

Christian is the previous team leader for the New Front Door, a current member of the team, and an elder at Summerleas Christian Church. He has 13 years of development experience in the local IT industry, as well as 8 years on the New Front Door team. To go with his strong technical knowledge, he has demonstrated leadership in both secular and ministry positions for the last 10 years. Also, if you’re up for a board game of any description, he’s your man.

Mikey Lynch - Board member

Mikey is a co-founder and chairman of the board of New Front Door. He also helps with training, sales and church support. Mikey is the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, UTAS, Hobart. He was a founder of The Vision 100 Network (TAS) and is currently a board member of The Geneva Push (national) - both church planting networks. He is also the Editorial Director for The Gospel Coalition Australia. He is married to Nikki and has three children.

Christine Jolly - Board Member

Christine is a keen blogger, website creator and social media facilitator creating avenues of online communication for her own business and organisations and ministries she works with. From preaching at women's events to facilitating workshops to help Uni students think theologically about different areas of their lives to loving her husband and children as herself, Christine finds many ways to serve the body of Christ.

Gus McCowatt - Board Member

New Front Door Team Members

Alan Reader - Team Leader (Hobart)

Alan works for The University Fellowship of Christians (AFES) in Hobart, having recently graduated from Moore Theological College, Sydney. He attends St Clement's Anglican Church in Kingston. Alan joined the New Front Door team in 2010, taking on the Team Leader role in 2019. His experience ranges from developing eCommerce sites and business applications through to extensive experience in ReactJS and other JAMstack technology. Alan’s strengths are in areas of analysis, project development and consultation, and is passionate about UX-driven design.

Jonno Haines - Team member (Hobart)

Jonathan currently works in Hobart as a web technology consultant, and attends Crossroads Presbyterian Church. When he isn't building web applications for clients with JavaScript and HTML he contributes to open source projects such as SparkleShare. His interests include late breakfasts, collecting emails and subverting the patriarchy.

Emile Hofsink - Team member (Hobart)

Emile has over 5 years of experience in IT field. His skills include computer systems installation management and configuration across software, hardware, networking and cloud/datacentre based systems. Emile is always seeking opportunities to empower people through the use of technology, V energy drinks and pizza. Emile is a member of the Christian Reformed Church Kingston.

Andrew Gibb - Team member (Hobart)

Andrew has worked as a software developer at Pearson for the last 6+ years doing a little bit of everything. Andrew has 12 years of experience in the IT industry and over that time he has developed skills ranging from software development to server administration. Andrew is currently a member of Vine Christian Church and he has been a member of the New Front Door team since 2013. Andrew is a keen cyclist and can often be found riding a bike, whether road or mountain, on the roads and trails of Hobart.

Chris Haines - Team member (London)

Chris is a recent UK expat. He attends St Helen's Bishopsgate in London, and works as the Events Administrator, managing a conference which seeks to equip Evangelical Anglicans for the salvation of England. While lacking official IT qualifications (he has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in HR), he is passionate about assisting churches practically, and enjoys thinking through the best practices of how churches operate behind the scenes. He has recently started a side-project Church Admin Forum, a website for collecting resources on church administration. In his spare time he enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee and cooking.

Sam Morse - Team Member (Hobart)

Sam is a member of the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston, and works as New Front Door's Technical Officer and Software Engineer. Sam joined the team in 2017 and has experience from hobby and work projects in a variety of areas from server administration to building websites from scratch. He also enjoys gaming of all kinds and is an avid reader of theology and fantasy books.

Cameron Clifford - Team Member (Launceston)

Cameron is currently a student studying a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Launceston and attends The Branch Christian Church. While he doesn't currently have much professional experience, most of his IT knowledge is self-taught. Through his hobby he has developed the TWBC North website, which is now hosted by New Front Door. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the clarinet in bands and hanging with friends over board games.

Join our team

New Front Door is made up of a team of volunteers who firmly believe in the value of IT to furthering the cause of the gospel. The team meets together regularly for ‘sprints’ where a lot of the heavy lifting work gets done, while we hang out, eat pizza and enjoy taking on some challenges together. In between times, we pick up support tasks as they arise from our client churches. Involvement can be as much as building a web app from scratch for interfacing our document management system, or taking on a task here and there across the year. If you’re interested in being part of the team, be in touch here.