New Vision 100 IT website!

Vision 100 IT

As you can probably tell, Vision 100 IT now has it's own special home on the web. If you're not viewing this post in situ, head to Vision 100 IT and check it out

There are ponies and ice-cream cakes, as well as lots of fairy bread and cocktail sausages there. In fact it's just like a primary school birthday party

There is also a bunch of serious stuff like documentation, feature and support request forms, a blog (which you're reading) and some product page info f... View more

How to use the Vision 100 IT Calendar Feature

Vision 100 IT website make a calendar feature available so that your website can make your church members and possible visitors aware of what's coming up.

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Make sure that all your events are put on the website. Not only does this build confidence that your webiste has all the information, but it also shows online that your church is active.
  • Make sure you have all the relevant details of your event: venue, time (start and end), cost, o... View more

How to Feature Content on your Website

Your website is not just a big library of stuff. It is also a shopfront. Using a website well, means figuring out which stuff you want to jump out to people when they visit it. This is called 'featured content'.

There are some simple ways to do this on your website, and if you get stuck, just email for help!

  • Have an automatic 'current content' area: We normally set up websites to have the most recent sermon appear somewhere on the front page of your website. This e... View more

Vision 100 IT's Approach to Consultancy

In addition to our general services and products, members of our team are also available to provide tailored help to ministry leaders and/or ministry admins use IT in the service of the mission of their ministry. We long to help ministries become efficient and effective by doing things in the clearest, easiest and fastest way possible

What is a consultancy for?

A consultancy is a more detailed way to help on a range of issues:

  • developing a new IT tool: social media, website
  • rolling ... View more

Using video content to promote your church

Vision 100 IT

Increasingly video is a large part of how people consume stuff online and so it is very important for how we plan our church promotions these days.

Our bottom line answer is:

  1. It's pretty hard to get reliable and adequate quality video work done for free, especially for public promotions. It is far easy and more reliable to pay for it.  Let us know if you would like the names of a few Christian-run media companies who could do you a good rate.

  2. However for more informal and indirect ... View more