New Front Door Tool suite

A summary of all current (and grandfathered) tools utilised by New Front Door


The following is a list of tools used by New Front Door in order to serve our client churches and ministry organisations.

Current tools

  1. Drupal 7
  2. Office 365 Mail
  3. Office 365 Document Management
  4. Elvanto
  5. Church Community Builder
  6. Sermons website module
  7. Event registration website module
  8. iTunes podcast integration
  9. RSS feed
  10. Social media integration

Grandfathered tools

These tools are currently used by some of our clients. They are either in the process of being transitioned onto new systems, or are unsupported retired featured.

  1. Drupal 6
  2. Sparkleshare
  3. Sympa mailing lists