Podcasting Module

Podcasting is an excellent way to distribute your church audio, from your weekly sermons, to your once off evangelistic events and community seminars. Podcasting allows your church members and others to *automatically* download your audio to their devices.

Why podcasting is great

The main issue churches have with podcasting is the significant effort it takes to set it up. Often it’s enough trouble to post the file on the website. Unfortunately, this then requires church members to regularly return to the website to download the individual files, and if they then want to listen on a digital device like a phone or tablet, it needs to be added to their library, and synced before it can be listened to!

Needless to say - the effort of uploading sermons has a limited impact when church members find it difficult to listen to them.

This is why New Front Door offers podcasting as a core feature of our websites. Once set up, it’s as simple as uploading the file to your website and the rest is handled automatically.

Podcasting can be linked to the iTunes podcasting system as well, allowing you to use your church branding and to have your church content discoverable on iTunes.

If you’re interested in having podcasting added to your website, let us know through the feature request form. If you currently don’t have a New Front Door hosted website, but are interested in podcasting on your own page, we’d be happy to let you know what you need to consider in order to set it up for yourself.